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Search Engine Submissions

Search Engine Submissions

Its never been enough to just provide SEO programming and sit and hope the search engines find you. You can’t afford that type of “wait-and-see” attitude. In today’s market, you must be pro-active. It’s strongly advised that you have your information submitted to the search engines on a monthly basis. Organic Solutions submits to Google, Yahoo and MSN while also including 8,000 other search engines and directories for back linking purposes. With Organic Solutions you also receive the benefit of A.R.T. ™(Auto Replacement Technology) This technology checks the search engines and directories every day, if you are not listed for any reason, A.R.T.™ automatically resubmits your data.

Through our research we have found that for the highest rate of success, search engine submissions should be updated on a monthly bases. Not all Search Engines will maintain your listing on their own.

Here is a Quote that has been taken directly from Google’s web page.

Google Quote: "While we're always working to include more Content in Google, sites can occasionally fall out of our search results. Our spiders regularly crawl the web to rebuild our index, but keeping tabs on billions of pages is tough work, and we may miss a few."

With keeping this in mind SiteSolutions.Com submits your web site to Google and Yahoo plus over 8,000 other locations monthly.

Search Engine Submissions Frequently Asked Questions.