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Organic Solutions

Organic Solutions

Organic Solutions is the Art and Science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Focusing strictly on the organic or non-sponsored areas in Google & Yahoo; Organic Solutions provides increased ranking through specific tasks laid out by your SiteSolutions.Com SEO Advisor. Each Organic Solutions package is tailored specifically for every client. Organic Solutions works by combining key SEO operations known to increase your website's importance and validity in the major search engines. SiteSolutions.Com is comprised of highly skilled engineers who have been developing a marketing and management program specifically for Google and Yahoo over the past 20+ years. SiteSolutions.Com was one of the leading pioneers in the field of SEO and continues to be a driving force in the industry today.

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is the delicate art of balancing website programming, off site marketing, back link portfolios and many other important tactics to increase visibility in the major engines. The purpose of SEO is to increase your website's visibility within the search engines and in turn strengthen your website investment. The process of SEO is lengthy and very detail oriented. Here at SiteSolutions.Com you will be assigned a team of SEO experts to serve you in every area of SEO, creating your personal Formula for Success.

Search Engine Overview

Here are a few statistics for you regarding Search Engines

  • According to Nielsen Net Ratings, search engines traffic volume increased by 39% in 1/2006 and has continued to do so year after year.
  • 56% of internet users research through search engines before deciding on a product or service.
  • 62% of business use SEO for branding (2005 SEMPO Study)
  • 60-70% of all clicks come from the organic (non-sponsored or non-pay per click) search results ( 2005 SEMPO study)
  • The search engines industry was expected to grow to $7 Billion by 2007

As you can see, utilizing search engines connects you to a vast amount of people looking for your specific product or service Right Now! Your SEO Advisor will help you build a strategy to focus on your specific goals.

The market of search engines is constantly changing. Algorithms and preferred strategies used by Google and Yahoo to determine your position in the search results can change on a daily basis. Over the past 20+ years SiteSolutions.Com has built rock solid relationships with search engine giants such as Google. In addition to receiving the expertise of your SEO team at SiteSolutions.Com, you will be pleased to know that Google works with us as an Agency where we are able to work directly with a team of Google Professionals whose main goal is to see your SEO efforts succeed and to have your experience with Google be as productive as possible.

It is important that you know there is no way to "trick" the Search Engines into giving you higher ranking. Hidden text, spam-dexing and other "old School" methods can actually hinder your positioning in the search engines. At SiteSolutions.Com we practice ethical SEO to help maximize your results. With Organic Solutions there is no instant gratification. Organic placement comes from strategies that are put in place, worked over, tweaked, re-programmed, examined and modified on a daily basis. The results are well worth the wait. Especially when you consider that up to 70% of searchers will use Organic listings to purchase the product or service they are looking for.

If you are looking for "instant" results try out Pay Per Click (PPC Solutions) Program. Click Here.

Organic Solutions - Formula for Success

Baseline Reporting - Back to top

Baseline reporting is the process of creating a baseline or starting place for your SEO Formula for Success. This stage is a compilation of several different reports that will help you select keywords, take note of necessary programming changes, check your current keywords for SEO strength and clue you in on what your competitors are during.

Included Reports:

Organic Solutions

  • Website Audits
  • Meta Tag Research
  • Reviewing your current content for SEO strength
  • Researching Keywords for your campaign
  • Providing you with an analysis of your competitors

Website Analysis -

An extensive Analysis of your current website will be performed by your SEO Advisor. During the analysis your SEO Advisor will be reviewing your website's programming, page content, Meta tags and download time. All necessary changes will be noted and depending on your package selection, these changes can be made by our professionals here at SiteSolutions.Com or forwarded to your programmer for implementation.

Website Audit -

Your Website Audit is a complete and comprehensive review and audit of your entire web site from an SEO perspective. This extensive report will include the findings and recommendations of our advanced SEO team and engineering staff. Your marketing personnel and programming staff will be able to take this report and make adjustments as necessary to increase your overall search engine effectiveness.

Competitor Analysis -

It is important to know where you stand with your competitors. Remember we are talking about your website's visibility. So, though ABC Inc may be your competitor in town XYZ Inc is your competitor online. Your SEO team will provide you with an analysis of your competitors as well as a comparison report. What are they doing that you're not? What's working for them and what isn't?

Keyword History Report -

SiteSolutions.Com works directly with Google to provide Keyword research and activity. This in-depth report, which can range from 14-45 pages, will help us to determine which keywords are going to increase your visibility within the Organic Listings. Knowing the language of your target audience and how they search can be a vital part of your keyword selection. Don't feel overwhelmed your Personal SEO team will help you sift and sort through your report, collaborating with you to make the right choice in keywords.

Keyword Suggestion Report -

Your Keyword Suggestion report provides you with recommendations as to potential keywords for your web site. These are gathered using your the products and services as well as industry specific keywords. Through our team at Google we provide you with the information you need to expand your keyword list and your chances of Top Ranking success.

Onsite Optimization - Back to top

Onsite Optimization

Through our comprehensive website Analysis, SiteSolutions.Com will provide you with what elements are currently helping your visibility in the search engines and what components are hindering your goals at SEO success.

SiteSolutions.Com will provide recommendations on Meta tag titles, keyword tags, description tags, SEO rich content, Alt tags, Header tags and other impacting variables. SiteSolutions.Com will also create and include XML sitemaps for both Google and Yahoo. These Sitemaps help Google spider (read through) your web page more efficiently and in turn help your placement.

Analytics -

Part of your On-Site Optimization will include the creation of Analytics programming. Analytics allows you to review statistical and demographic information on each visitor to your site. You will be provided with over 50 different areas of information, including: geographic location, keyword used, time at site, entrance and exit page. This will help us track, fine tune and measure your success.

Corporate Blogs -

You have the option of adding Additional On-Site Programming. At this time SiteSolutions.Com is also offering Corporate Blog Creation. Utilizing a blog as a source of SEO can be very beneficial.

Onsite Optimization

This SiteSolutions.Com Client ranks number 1 and 2 in Google as a direct result of her Corporate Blog. For Pricing and Design Options please contact your SEO Advisor.

Offsite Optimization - Back to top

Currently search engines consider back-linking to be one of the most influential portions of SEO success. Your back link portfolio is the entire scope of websites that are currently linking to your site directly. This does not include link exchanges.

What is a back-link? -

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, the number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page.

The importance of quality back links -

If your site's back link portfolio is filled with sites that are spam ridden, loaded with questionable or irrelevant content, then don't expect this to help with your rankings. Search Engines are looking for quality back links from relevant websites. At Sitesolutions.Com we strive to create the most natural looking back link portfolios focusing on relevant sites with relevant content. These sites include: Social Web Pages, Directories, Blogs, YouTube (Optional), and finally, purchased one-way links.

In addition to the above back linking, you also receive Local Search Submissions to your back linking portfolio. This will target your audience geographically with local phone numbers, and map directions.

Offsite Optimization

Standard Monthly Submissions - Back to top

As part of the back bone of Organic Solutions you will receive Monthly submissions to over various Search Engines and Directories. In addition to supporting your back linking, monthly submissions also help maintain your inclusion in the major search engines.

Strong Foundations:

The base of our proven Top Ranking success is consistency. It has never been enough to just build a website and sit and hope the search engines find you. You can't afford that type of "wait-and-see" attitude. In today's market, you must be pro-active.

Just look at what Google says about websites falling out of search engines!

"While we're always working to include more content in Google, sites can occasionally fall out of our search results. Our spiders regularly crawl the web to rebuild our index, but keeping tabs on billions of pages is tough work, and we may miss a few."

That is why SiteSolutions.Com goes straight to the source at Google and Yahoo providing these search giants your information to be listed on a monthly basis. Organic Solutions submits to Google, Yahoo and MSN while also including backlinks from search engines, directories and other sites around the world.

How do Backlinks From Search Engines Really Help My Ranking:

Did you know that the more quality links to your website the more of an authority on your topic you are and because of this Google will rank you higher than those with little or no links? It's true! SiteSOlutions.Com provides you with back links from directories and other Search Engines and maintains those links monthly, causing a direct benefit in your Google ranking. Also, with Organic Solutions you also receive the benefit of A.R.T. ™(Auto Replacement Technology) This technology checks the search engines and directories every day, if you are not listed for any reason, A.R.T.™ automatically resubmits your data.

Campaign Management & Measurement - Back to top

Campaign Management and Measurement

Sitesolutions.Com never hides behind our e-mail address like the other guys. We answer our phones directly from 8am to 5pm PST Mon -Fri. In addition as a SiteSolutions.Com Organic Solutions client you will be assigned a team of SEO professionals. With your personal SEO Advisor heading up your team you will have 24/hour access via e-mail. For our "Platinum" clients, you can request a monthly conference call with your SEO Advisor. During these meetings we will review your Analytics, Site Performance and run your website's Analysis. We will review any recommended changes and e-mail you a report on what was discussed. If you requiring additional consulting throughout the month you can purchase SEO Consulting in one hour increments starting at $250.00/hour with a minimum 1 hour.

Organic Overview - Back to top

Baseline Reporting

  • Website Audits
  • Meta Tag Research
  • Reviewing your current content for SEO strength
  • Researching Keywords for your campaign
  • Providing you with an analysis of your competitors

On-Site Optimization

  • Meta Tag Creation
  • Alt Tag Insertion
  • Content Creation
  • Analytics Programming
  • XML Site Maps
  • Optional Blog Creation

Off-Site Optimization

  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Media
  • SiteSolution.Com Private Sites
  • Blog Posts
  • One-Way Links
  • Local Search Submissions

Monthly Standard Submissions

  • Monthly Submissions to Google & Yahoo
  • Monthly Submissions to numerous Search Engines & Directories

Management & Measurement

  • Monthly Calls with Your SEO Team
  • Website Analysis
  • Detailed Progress Reports
  • Alterations As Needed to Ensure Success

You have Options! - Back to top

At SiteSolutions.Com we know one size doesn't fit all. Our experts will meet with you and your marketing team to discuss your overall Internet goals and objectives. They will then create a customized program and quote for your review. Once approved, we move forward.

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Social Media / Blog Posts
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Modifications / Month
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E-Mail Support
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Monthly Submissions with A.R.T
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Our systems monitor all search engines, directories and backlink locations to make certain your site remains in their databases.
Monthly Submissions Include Yahoo
Monthly Submissions Include Google -
Monthly Backlinks - Search Engines, Directories & Sites
Monthly backlink submissions to quality search engines, directories and other valuable websites.
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