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Google Hummingbird - What To Expect

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 12:45

Google announces latest algorithm named Hummingbird.

Google just celebrated its 15th year in business. During their celebration party, they made a public announcement that over a month ago, they released a new search algorithm. This is a major rebuild known as Hummingbird. The change relates to how people are changing their search habits. This new approach is called "Conversational Search."

What Is The Change? In addition to continue to use short 1-3 keywords for their searches, Google is seeing the public use longer, more sentence based searches. (These changes are being seen in both desktop and laptop computers plus mobile Smart phones.)

For example, Google continues to provide results for "keyword based" searches such as "Pizza" or "Pizza San Francisco," but in addition, the new "Conversational Search" approach would also respond to searches that are more sentence based such as "where can I get pizza in San Francisco." For a different type of industry, a person can still type in "kitchen remodeling company Northern Virginia" or Google will now recognize something like "I need a kitchen remodeling company in Northern Virginia." So rather than just looking at a few words, they are looking also now at the "full meaning of the sentence."

Good News: For the past several years, SiteSolutions' research and programming departments have been programming all of our client's Onsite and Offsite SEO in such a way that it already matches Google's Hummingbird Requirements which should continue to give you an edge over your competitors. We have always recommended and programmed for both keyword based results "and" for full sentences as well. We have been ahead of the curve on this change and shall continue to program for both keyword and sentence based searches.

Summary: This is a change that "adds" certain search features to Google. It should not be looked at in a negative light as was Penguin and Panda. Instead, it is a positive move for most. It has been active for over a month and we have not seen any measurable negative results as they pertain to our client base, nor within the search industry as a whole. In our joint effort for your Internet success, we shall continue to maintain the use of proper SEO techniques and you will need to continue to provide your visitors with informative, topically based, original content. Note: Please remember that we also offer complete product lines for Social Media, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and Webcast Videos.

SiteSolutions.Com Diamond Plus Program Sets New Google Page One Record

Wednesday, September 10, 2013

Roseville, CA, USA: SiteSolutions.Com's Diamond Plus Products and Services has set a new record for themselves for the number of Organic Page One placements in Google's USA search engine. With over two million users, SiteSolutions has for years continued to set and break records and this year has proven to continue the tradition.

The Diamond Plus program offers its users a written Guarantee for page one placement in Google's organic search results. The guarantee states that if the client does not receive page one placement for keywords and key phrases that relate to the topics covered within their website, that SiteSolutions will waive their usual monthly fee for any month where page one is not accomplished.

"Basically, Sitesolutions has taken on all of the monthly risks because if they do not accomplish page one results for the client, the client does not pay their monthly fee. So we are one Very Motivated SEO company" said Christina Petanovich, SiteSolutions' VP Wholesale and New Products Divisions. She continued, "This is a month-to-month program with no long term contracts. The customer can leave at anytime by giving us a 30 day notice. So not only do we have to accomplish page one results quickly, to start our cash flow from the account, but we have to keep the client there as well or they are gone. Thankfully, our success rate for page one organic positioning is 99% which is unheard of in our industry." The SEO experts at SiteSolutions have 18 years of experience with search engines and utilize numerous proprietary methods to accomplish this goal. SiteSolutions is very careful to strictly use methods that Google considers White-Hat SEO. One of the major reason they are so careful about how they accomplish their page one results is that they are fully supported by Google's Agency Group. This brings us a wealth of knowledge and assistance with various Google products. Their individual one-on-one support is too valuable for us to play games with someones SEO.

For more information about the Diamond Plus program, call SiteSolutions SEO team at 877-855-2003. For countries outside the U.S., please use the appropriate telephone number for the country you are in.

About The Company:

SiteSolutions.Com, founded in 1995, is one of the original search engine submission companies and is one of the oldest firms of its type on the Internet today. Staffed by professionals and represented worldwide, SiteSolutions.Com remains a leader in SEO. Millions of web site owners and web masters have utilized SiteSolutions.Com services and continue to look to them for service and advice. SiteSolutions.Com has been in the business of helping our clients achieve success with their web site investment. It is our goal to help them achieve the highest ROI (Rate Of Return) as possible using proven technology at reasonable prices."

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