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Design Solutions

Design Solutions

The Importance of SEO & Design.

Did you know that when considering placement Google looks at page content, down load time, image tags and other areas of the design of your site? It’s true. A java fancy page with moving graphics, no text and a large download looks great but will get you nowhere in SEO. Work with designers whose entire basis is getting you higher in the search engines and to create an esthetically pleasing site, while keeping your goal of SEO in mind.

Business Branding.

A large part of SEO is presence. Not just placement presence but image presence. 97% of consumers will call a face tissue a KleenEx® and a cotton swab a Q-Tip®. Why? Business branding. Our Design Solutions team can help your business create a personal brand that will grow in recognition along with your website.

Site Development.

Here is where our team of design experts can develop new sites or re-design existing sites. All of our packages include consultations and re-design. Working together as a team we have the ability to create custom packages for start-up companies all the way up to fortune 500.

Design Solutions will assist your business by:

  • Creating a visual web presence through Personal Branding
  • Providing Re-Design or the development of a new site with SEO focused content and programming
  • Create HTML based templates for marketing to your existing database. i.e. Newsletters, E-mail response templates etc.
  • Creating Logo, stationary, business cards and other graphic design
  • Creating Blog concept and creation